Anonymous asked:

maaan i've had dreams that i was like louis or harry i just wanna know what that kinda love is like

goodladnicelittlebody answered:

can anyone even comprehend it


theyve loved each other


since the beginning


a love strengthened with not only desire, understanding, and loyalty


but resilience, vulnerability and resolve


a love so strong, that even if their faces were forced to hide it,


their bodies would reveal.

like my friend handlerssaywecant once said, its as if they’ve loved each other in every lifetime



Okay warning! This is going to be a super long post; it is almost 3 pages in Microsoft Word and it took me like 3 days haha but don’t let that discourage you!

So under the cut, I have mapped out an entire timeline of the last year (concentrated mostly on Dec 2013-Now) in hopes of figuring out what the hell is going on with Modest/Azoff/the boys/contracts/the future and all that jazz. 

I have found some interesting things, and made some big conclusions so….let’s get to it!!!!

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