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Omg, I just googled the most iconic gay songs and guess what was number 1: www(.)timeout(.)com/newyork/music/ultimate-pride-playlist-50-best-gay-songs?pageNumber=6

diggingandfluff answered:

That’s a great list of songs. Harry, here you go. Your guide for the rest of tour.

Thanks anon.



ALSO HIGH ON THE LIST: YMCA, It’s Raining Men, Over the Rainbow (Judy Garland!), I Want to Break Free (Queen/Freddie Mercury!)

Oh we had ‘Its raining men. Didn’t we? This is great !!

Okay I wasn’t clear enough.  We also already had and can scratch off the Big Gay War Checklist: It’s Raining Men and YMCA.  Also Rainbow Bondage Bear loved Judy Garland (Friend of Dorothy Ruby Sneakers wearing Rainbow Bear) and a Freddie Mercury reference (but in that bullshit book so strikethrough)

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El being around now during all the pro-LGBT stuff that we've gotten this week, doesn't cement for me that once the boys switch teams she can't be dropped. How she or Elounor are perceived once she's gone doesn't exactly matter, so if Elounor breaks up in a month and then a week later Harry and Louis hang out publicly, it'll all have the same results as if she leaves months in advance. Elounor gets ignored by the media, while Harry and Louis' reunited "best friendship" makes headlines.

Even now, Eleanor is only relevant when we can see her, and she’s not really even truly relevant then.  


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you've been shitting on 5sos a lot but 1D are rude to their fans too sometimes. harry in la recently, zayn and niall rarely stopping for pics. stop making 5sos out to be the bad guys.

whatiwishicould answered:

bud do u really wanna go there right now…..

5sos have made a pattern of ignoring fans who don’t meet their absurd physical standards, or mocking their fans and throwing out gifts from their fans while said fans are still around. 

Harry tells a fucking psycho stalker to stop following him in a car. Louis, even when he was sick, stopped outside their bus last year to take photos. Zayn doesn’t stop very often but when was the last time you heard a story of him being rude or mean or malicious in any way? Same with Niall? Not wanting to take pics isn’t the same as being a fucking sexist dickwad.

Hell, even in a “candid” video of them smoking weed and talking shit about their merch, Louis and Zayn didn’t talk shit about fans but instead acknowledged that they aren’t kids and want to see more than “their favourite colour” in a book.

So you can say whatever you want but 1D are fantastic to their fans, even when the fans don’t deserve it. And 1D have far more of an excuse to be shitty. but they don’t. 

Just admit the band you like are assholes. You can still like the music but don’t be one of those people that pretends they’re perfect when they’re obviously not.

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